October 2021

#5 - It's a Powerful Marketing Platform

Are you interested in making money on the internet?

What’s your plan?

Are you using affiliate marketing? Email marketing? AdSense?

Do you use article marketing to drive traffic to your web pages?

Well, here’s something you should consider… when you start a membership website, it doesn’t really matter what your plan is for generating revenue. Regardless of the method or methods you choose, a membership web site is the ideal platform from which to launch all your marketing campaigns.

Let’s assume you’ve chosen affiliate marketing. You can start a membership site in one of your more profitable niches and build a membership list that provides a ready pool of buyers for the affiliate products you promote. And, it works both ways – you can use your affiliate product to attract more traffic to your membership web site or you can customize your product landing page (or thank you page if the affiliate program supports it) to solicit new members from the visitors who purchase the affiliate product.

If you currently focus on article marketing, your membership web site will let you hone your copy and test your articles before you submit them to the directories. You can write your articles and post them to your blog. That’ll let your member give you feedback on your article – with comments and criticisms that can help you gauge how well you’ve communicated your point. Then, when you’ve incorporated their feedback into a final product that gets published, you’ll end up with an article that not only gives you backlinks from the article directories – but will likely get picked up and distributed to other markets.

I’m not a fan of AdSense ads on membership sites, but there are sites that use this method to generate extra revenue. If the ad’s aren’t intrusive and your members don’t complain, AdSense is just one more great way to boost your membership site’s income.

Finally, with your own membership site you’ll also have a ready market for your own, home grown products (assuming they fit your membership niche).

No matter what marketing strategies you have planned, your active, flourishing membership site will only increase their effectiveness.

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