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#4 – A Membership Site Adds Value to Products

Have you ever tried affiliate marketing?

One of the toughest challenges for both newbie and established affiliate marketers – especially when it comes to large, widely promoted product launches – is making our product offers stand out from all of the other offers coming from all of the other affiliates. The standard way to differentiate an offer is with compelling, pre-sales copy or by adding unique, high perceived value, free bonuses.

But by far, the best way to overcome that challenge is to use the “secret” the really successful internet marketers use…

…they totally ignore it.

Instead of trying to drown out the offers of their rivals, they simply market the new product to captive audiences – contacts on their own mailing list and on the lists of their trusted associates.

How can you compete with that? Well, how about this… once you start a membership site, you’ll have your own captive audience that you can market to. Your members will already be familiar with you and the excellent service you’ve provided month after month.

When you offer a new product to them, they’re not going to shop anyplace else.

On top of that, starting up a membership site makes it so much easier for you to add obvious value to your products. You can do things like: add ebook, audio, or video tutorials add video product demonstrations You can even have your members review and recommend products, providing the very kind of quality testimonials that will increase the product’s perceived value and making it that much more desirable.

Then, if you use the right membership site platform and software, you can add backend support items like product forums, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), and knowledge bases that would allow members to learn from each other. Providing features like these creates added value for products in a way that your affiliate competition can’t come close to.

Do all these things and your members will love you for it. They’ll be happy, engaged, and plugged into your membership community. Most importantly, you’ll get them coming back month after month for more of the special value your site offers.

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