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#1 – Internet Millionaires Love Membership Sites

Internet millionaires – people who’ve already been wildly successful on the internet – are moving over to membership sites.

Now, I realize that just because someone has made a lot of money doesn’t mean they’re always right. But as the saying goes, “although past performance can’t predict future performance – it’s the best indicator we’ve got.” Besides, it’s not like these guys are embracing crazy schemes or questionable business practices – they’re just looking at all of the membership site benefits that are covered in Reasons #2-10.

So, let’s take a quick look at three internet business owners who are shifting their businesses over to membership sites. This is by no means an exhaustive list of successful internet entrepreneurs who are embracing the membership model. They’re moving over in droves.

First, there’s Yaro Starak – one of the most successful individual bloggers on the internet. In 2007 he earned over $200,000 from blogging – and astounding figure for a blogger since most bloggers have a tough time making ANYTHING. In years past he taught a course called the Blog Mastermind where he coached people on how to set up their own successful, money-making blogs. Now, he runs a membership web site called… you guessed it… Membership Site Mastermind. Our successful former blogger has found greener pastures with membership sites.

Then there’s Russell Brunson – the King of Micro-Continuity. As best I can tell he’s the one that coined the phrase. He runs courses, workshops, and membership sites to teach the micro-continuity concept. But a positive sign of his commitment to the concept is that he doesn’t just teach it. Russell is converting all of his internet businesses and products – businesses and products will bring in an amazing $10 million this year – over to micro-continuity sites. Why? For all of the reasons discussed in my other articles but specifically for Reason #2 – that these membership sites so easy to setup and to manage.

By the way, not only is Russell converting HIS products over to Micro-Continuity – but, because Micro-C sites are so simple to setup and maintain, he’s been buying products, courses, and websites that other people have given up on and converting them into profitable micro-continuity sites.

Last, but certainly not least, is Mike Filsame. For many people, the name Mike Filsame is synonymous with one of his best known products – Butterfly Marketing. The product was originally introduced as a $2,000 home study course, but earlier this year Mike decided to give the course away for free and attach it to a forced continuity form of a membership site. Even though he didn’t make a dime off the free course, the membership site revenues netted Mike over $2.3 Million.

Yep, there are a lot of ways to make money on the internet, but when I see very successful business people embracing a strategy or business model, especially a fundamentally sound and proven one like memberships, I’m likely to stand up and take notice.

You should take notice too… and start a membership site of your own.

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