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Well, it’s happened again.

I was innocently working on my own affiliate program (see here) and had made some real strides in setting it up.


There were quite a few requisites on my list.  To meet my needs for the Reseller program I’d envisioned, the affiliate management software needed to:

  • work with EJunkie (I like the way they handle my products and customer data)
  • support multiple tiers – since this isn’t just an “affiliate program” but an Authorized Reseller program, where Authorized and Master Resellers can recruit and override their own group of affiliates
  • support multiple products with different commission schemes
  • support performance bonuses (not absolutely necessary but I like the idea)
  • give my Authorized Resellers and Master Resellers “private” areas to retrieve tools and materials designed expressly for them
  • be relatively easy to setup and maintain


I finally ended up purchasing one of the more popular affiliate management products.  I set my system up, then discovered that:

  1. the tiered commission structure wasn’t flexible enough for my needs
  2. the performance bonus wasn’t flexible enough for my needs
  3. handling different product commission structures required more programming than I wanted to do (and I’m a programmer!)


I purchased ANOTHER popular product. I got this new one software up just the way I wanted (almost) and then dived into the “integration” – the stuff I needed to do to make it work with EJunkie.



I couldn’t believe all the crap I needed to do just to integrate the “hits” and sales tracking from my website into the affiliate software.

Copy this…..  Type that…  Go here and enter this…  Copy and paste this here… and here.

It was a nightmare!  Just to give you a feel, here’s a miniaturized screenshot of the EJunkie nstructions…

EJunkie Integration


Please understand that I don’t mean to denigrate or disparage this company or it’s product in any way.

The more I use the product, the more I like it.  And, the 3 features I really wanted (performance rewards, tiered commissions, and private campaigns) work like a charm.


I’m a programmer and following those instructions was a challenge – even for me.

Plus (you probably can’t read the tiny type)

  1. there’s code you have to cut and paste into EVERY EJunkie (or PayPal) button on your site
  2. there’s code you have to cut and paste into EVERY sales page on your site.

That sounds like a maintenance train wreck just waiting to happen.

Unfortunately, I’ve been spoiled by WordPress – it’s simple, easy, and you just set it and forget it.

With WordPress, you set stuff up, then – as you add content – WordPress makes sure your “setup” is transferred to all you new pages and posts.

That’s what I want from my affiliate program – and I don’t think I’m alone.  I’d wager most internet marketers don’t want to constantly maintain “purchase” buttons or cut and paste HTML, Javascript, and PHP code into their sales pages.

After investigation numerous products and working hands-on with 2 of the 3 most popular affiliate products, I still hadn’t found anything close to that “set-it-and-forget-it” feel.



Mircro-Affiliate is the latest addition to IWantMine.com’s family of WordPress plugins for internet marketers.

It’s not as fancy as the $200 – $300 products that are out there, but then… it doesn’t cost anywhere near that much.  It doesn’t do private campaigns and performance bonuses like Post Affiliate Pro and it doesn’t do immediate payments like Rapid Action Profits (at least, not yet**).  But, it does a LOT of what most internet marketers want.. like:

  • Supports multiple products with different commission schemes
  • Graphical representation of referrals, unique referrals, and commissions.
  • Pay affiliates on ANY time schedule.
  • Integrates with the Marketing Launch Pad to easily define and maintain ThankYou pages, Download pages, and secure download links
  • Clear, user-friendly user interface for both admin(s) and affiliates.
  • Tier support (up to 12 levels)
  • Integrates seemlessly with PayPal
  • Ability to email all your affiliates easily with customized information
  • Affiliates can view their own statistics (referrals, sales, commissions, and sub-affiliates)
  • Easily distribute banners, links, and other helpful marketing tools to your to affiliates
  • Search your affiliates – add, edit, delete, and approve pending affiliates easily from your browser.
  • Easily add, edit, and delete and approve pending commissions.
  • Multiple fraud prevention techniques
  • Easy export of payments for PayPal MassPay
  • Works as a WordPress plugin – so it’s easy to install and maintain
  • Works with Micro-Membership to provide easy, simple, comprehensive affiliate management for your membership site(s).

WOW! That’s a lot of stuff for a $67 program!

Yep – your read it right. Micro-Affiliate does all that for just $67. If you want to have a look at the product in action, you can view the demo here:


Admin View Login: demoadmin
Password: demo
Affiliate View Login: rlpruitt
Password: demo

The Micro-Affiliate Control Panel is near the bottom of the WordPress menu bar (left-hand side of the screen).

Check it out… then get ready for the new product that is available IMMEDIATELY to selected groups with general availability scheduled for July 1st!

As always, thank you for your continued patronage and support,


**One feature I like about Rapid Action Profits is the immediate payout of commissions.  What I’m not particularly keen on is the “round-robin” way that product handles the commission splits.  PayPal, however, has a new architecture that supports immediate split payments.  Expect Micro-Affiliate to incorporate that architecture into it’s payment in the very near future.