IWM Authorized Reseller Program

It’s HERE!

The I Want Mine.com Authorized Reseller Program will kick off on July 1st, 2010.

Why should you care?


Reason #1
WordPress Is the Perfect Internet Marketing Platform

WordPress has become the most flexible, easy to use, newbie-friendly, SEO-loving, content management system in the world. It’s easy to install and setup (most hosting providers let you set it up from a menu), simple to configure, and has support from thousands of theme and plugin developers.

But, as simple as WordPress is for novices to setup – it’s just as easy for more advanced users to create truly stunning, comprehensive, and efficient websites.

As someone who has used nearly all of WordPress‘s competition (Drupal, Joomla, etc.) I can say without question that WordPress is hands-down the best platform for delivering content – which is exactly what most internet marketers are looking for.

Reason #2
WordPress 3.0 Takes Content Delivery to a New Level

Primarily because now you can easily create multiple “websites” on just 1 domain – each website selling different products… maybe even to different niches.  And, what exactly does that buy you?

  1. Branding – The master domain becomes your web “brand” which can become easily recognizable on the web.
  2. Ranking – Traffic and backlinks from all of your products go to JUST ONE domain – enhancing the Alexa and search engine rankings for your domain as a whole.  Now, as you add content to your WordPress websites, each new page will benefit from the traffic, “link juice” and other ranking assets that your domain has acquired.
  3. Central site management – Just one place to go… one WordPress installation to manage.  Just the single Logon Id and password will simplify my life enough to make this a winner.

Reason #3
I Want Mine.com Delivers the Goods

The “goods”? What “goods”?

You’ve heard the stories from the great California Gold Rush.  The most famous is of Levi Strauss who made his fortune NOT by finding gold, but because he had the “goods” – tough, durable, comfortable pants that later became the “jeans” we’re now so fond of.

Then, there’s California’s first millionaire, Sam Brannan who made his fortune NOT by striking gold, but by having the “goods”.  Sam owned the only store between San Francisco and the gold fields that had the picks, the shovels, and the pans prospectors needed to find gold.

Now, with today’s internet “gold rush”, I Want Mine.com has the “goods” – TOOLS that transform the already fantastic WordPress into a super-charged marketing platform.  These tools build on a solid WordPress foundation – adding the features and functions internet “prospectors” need to turn internet “rocks” into nuggets of gold.

As an I Want Mine.com Authorized Reseller, you can be the Levi Strauss or Sam Brennan of your corner of the web – earning a healthy income by outfitting modern-day “prospectors” with the “goods” – the tools that help them:

  • Create a Steady Income from a Membership Site (Micro-Membership) – Does just about everything you’d want from a membership site – even some of the things the “big boys do” (including dripped content).  FYI: Micro-Membership will be updated on the next few weeks to support WordPress 3.0 – allowing you to run multiple WordPress membership sites using just 1 installation of WordPress.
  • Sell Digital Products (Marketing Launch Pad) – Let’s you easily sell digital product thru PayPal or ClickBank and also manages affiliate links for products you represent as an affiliate (including automatic Affiliate Link Cloaking).
  • Protect Videos and Download files (Secure URL Generator) – Creates UGLY, ENCRYPTED, TIME-EXPIRING links to your content that help stop abuse of your digital property (videos, ebooks, software, etc.). It even works with data stored on Amazon S3!
  • Protect Their Business with Automated Backups (Stealth Backup Robot) – Schedule backups of your valuable website content. Send your backups “offsite” to an FTP location or Amazon S3.
  • and, the newest tool in the I Want Mine.com Toolbox…
  • Manage an Army of Resellers and Affiliates  (Micro-Affiliate) – A simple, low cost, easy to use WordPress plugin that let’s you use the power of WordPress to run your own affiliate program and recruit hundreds of other internet marketers to sell your products and membership sites.  Check it out here…

In addition, there’s I Want Mine.com‘s Marketing Power Pack which bundles all of these products together to turn a WordPress Website into a Marketing POWER-House.

You can become a reseller at 1 of 3 levels

Reseller Cost Commission
Authorized to
Affiliate: FREE 40%
  • Resell all current and future IWantMine.com Products
Authorized Reseller $97* 65%
  • Resell all current and future IWantMine.com Products
  • Sell Authorized Reseller licenses
  • Recruit Affiliates with Override commissions (65% minus affiliate commission)
Master Reseller $197** 75%
  • Resell all current and future IWantMine.com Products
  • Sell Authorized Reseller and Master Reseller licenses
  • Recruit Affiliates with Override commissions (75% minus affiliate commission)
  • Override Authorized Resellers (75% minus reseller commission)
Commissions calculated on Sales Price less 17.5% (to cover
licensing and product support)
* Marketing Power Pak Developer Licensees
Micro-Membership Developer Licensees
All Others

$10 ’til 7/1
$57 ’til 7/1
** Marketing Power Pak Developer Version Licensees
Micro-Membership Developer Licensees
All Others
$47 ’til 7/1
$67 ’til 7/1
$147 ’til 7/1

You can sign-up as an affiliate at:

Affiliates (FREE) can sign up and will be ready to resell immediately.

Marketing Power Pak Developer Licensees can also sign up now.  You’ll need to copy and paste your Developer License key in the “Reseller Key Code” field of the signup form.

Micro-Membership Developer Version Licensees should also copy and paste their Developer License key into the “Reseller Key Code” field of the signup form, however, you will will not be promoted to Authorized Reseller status until you have purchased the “upgrade” from here:

I Want Mine.com Partner Program Authorized Reseller
– Developer License “Upgrade”
$10.00 Buy Now

All others interested in the Authorized Reseller License will need to purchase the license here:

I Want Mine.com Partner Program Authorized Reseller
($97 after 7/1/2010)
$57.00 Buy Now

Master Reseller Licenses can be obtained here:

I Want Mine.com Partner Program Master Reseller
($197 after 7/1/2010)

Micro-Membership Developer and
Marketing Power Pak Developer
licensees should contact me for your discount code.

$147.00 Buy Now