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When I looked for software for my membership site I decided to use WordPress. I’ve been spoiled by this product for years now. In a sentence, WordPress is the simplest, best supported, SEO friendliest, most extensible, standards compliant CMS available on the planet. It’s “software for the rest of us” – cheap (it’s actually FREE, but we donate, right?), easy to use, and it’s good.

I also used a WordPress theme and a number of WordPress plugins to augment my site… ALL cheap (FREE + donation), easy to use, and good.

Then I looked for a plugin that would let me send my subscribers to my PayPal account to pay for subscriptions. And, what did I find? Easy to use, good… but not cheap!

Here’s what I mean:

Product Price
Licensed for:
aMember $199 single domain
Memberwing $99 single domain
Your Members $50 single domain
WP-Member $44 single domain

I found the “fancy” and relatively expensive offerings above and almost sprang for the $50 Your Members but I got scared off by the single domain license. At the time I was only working on 1 membership site, but I already had plans to create more of these money-machines in the very near future.

So, I gave up… and started writing my own code to do what I wanted. After weeks of planning, coding, enhancements, and add-ons, I ended up with…

Micro-Membership Pro

Micro-Membership is a sweet little membership site plugin that does everything most WordPress site owners would ever want or need a membership site script to do. In addition to the 2 basic functions I mentioned above, Micro-Membership adds:

  • Multiple levels of registered usersMicro-Membership uses Free, Standard, Premium, Executive, and Elite. The Free registration is a key part of the business model for my sites. (I’ll spare you the details.)
  • Integration into PayPal’s and ClickBank’s subscription serviceMicro-Membership checks each time a user signs on. If their subscription has expired, it sends them to PayPal or to ClickBank for another payment. If you choose, Micro-Membeship will then use either PayPal’s or ClickBank’s subscription service so PayPal or ClickBank bills your subscribers automatically on a predetermined schedule. You don’t have to worry about billing and your members will see the payment screen only once.
  • Calendar intervalsMicro-Membership lets you describe subscriptions the way most people are familiar (and comfortable) with – in calendar intervals like 2 weeks, 1 month, etc. The intervals can be anywhere from 1 day to 9999 years.
  • Hide content from paid subscribers – Why would I want to hide content from PAID subscribers? Because you want to put flashy advertisements and teaser text on your site to entice unregistered visitors and freebie users to sign up for the paid membership. But, do you really want to continuously subject you paid members to that? Probably not, so Micro-Membership lets you tag that content so that it’s hidden from your paid subscribers.
  • Category Security – The Micro-Membership lets you put posts in WordPress categories, then provide access to the categories based on subscription level. This lets you create a “private area” for your best customers. How cool is that?!
  • Dripped Content – Gradual content delivery is the holy grail of membership sites. It keeps people from joining and accessing all of your information in the first couple of days. It also lets you build your site gradually – meaning you don’t have to have a huge site ready just to get started. You’ll only need the first week’s worth of content; then you can build the rest as your business grows. Micro-Membership does gradual content delivery.
  • ClickBank Support – You can place your membership site in ClickBank’s Marketplace and recruit an army of affiliates to help you promote your business.
  • Page Protection – You can protect entire pages.  The primary purpose of this feature is to support great plugins like Simple:Press.  With the Simple:Press forum plugin and this page protection feature, you can restrict access to your site’s forum to users that have subscribed at a certain level or higer.
  • Fixed Term Subscriptions – Also called “fixed continuity”, it allows you to structure fixed courses with limited payment periods.  That way, your subscribers will know exactly how much $$ they’re committing to when they sign up.

And, since I expect some of the people who buy my Micro-Membership won’t be overly interested in writing SQL statements or “button” code, I also added:

  • An automatic setup process – Ok, I didn’t really add a new process. Micro-Membership just uses the standard WordPress installation process to install the program code and the database tables that are used to store membership information and log payments.
  • A nice little popup window that creates the code for your PayPal “Buy Now” and Paypal or ClickBank “Subscribe” buttons automatically. You’ll never have to worry about typos or getting cryptic syntax right.
See the script in action here:
Micro-Membership Demo
The site has 4 users:

  • FreebieUser – Registered but chose not to pay.
  • PaidUser – Paid for a subscription
  • PremiumUser – Paid more for an even fancier subscription
  • demoadmin – A user that has additional access rights so you can see the way Micro-Membership is configured

The password for all four users is “demo”.

Feel free to test out all four users. You shouldn’t be able to break anything but, if you do, the site will be refreshed each day.

No, Micro-Membership doesn’t do everything the “big boys” do. It doesn’t connect to a zillion different payment processors (PayPal and ClickBank support only), it doesn’t protect your digital download links (there are other WordPress plugins that will do that), and it doesn’t have a fancy administrative front end. But what this nifty little plugin does do is let you turn any WordPress website in to a membership site that supports hidden text, “pay for content”, multiple subscription levels, category security, and automatic subscription payments to your PayPal (or ClickBank) account

For just $47 bucks!

That’s a $47 ONE-TIME purchase
that can be used on as many domains as you own.

Do yourself a favor and click the order button
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What’s that?

Not sure if you really want a membership site? Maybe you aren’t aware of all the successful internet entrepreneurs – people who have already been wildly successful on the internet – who are moving over to the membership site business model in droves.

The obvious reason why they’re doing it is because membership sites are real money makers. Your site can earn thousands of dollars every month – even with a tiny membership base.

But there are dozens of other reasons to start a membership site. In fact…

…if You’re Serious about Making Money Online,
Starting a Membership Site
Decision You’ll Ever Make

5 Awesome Reasons To Start
Your Very Own Membership Site!

  • You can use your membership site as a springboard for all your internet businesses! (Affiliate marketing, offline consulting, list building, etc.)
  • You’ll earn a steady, dependable, residual income from your membership site. Since you’ll charge a periodic fee (i.e. monthly, annually), you won’t have to chase new sales every month.
  • It’s the only business model where your customers give you permission today to take money from their accounts – over and over again – for months into the future!
  • You can use Web 2.0 strategies to build the kind of social communities and networks that internet users love – and pay for!
  • You can set it up in a weekend and, once it’s running – you can walk away… and still collect money!

But, starting your own membership site can be a challenge. Handling the membership signups, renewals, hiding and protecting content, and all of the other membership site details can be a hassle.

Then, there’s the content. Most people don’t have a clue how to put together content for a membership site. And, if they do, the task of creating all of the content the site need seems insurmountable.

So, here’s what I’ve done for you…

How To
Start a Membership Site
in 24 Hours!
Micro-Membership Pro


= Membership Site in a Box

With my Micro-Membership plugin, I’ve been setting up membership sites for OFFLINE businesses. It didn’t take me long to figure out I was missing a step-by-step process and a manual.  Something I could use with my clients so they could see exactly what needed to be done to keep our development efforts on schedule.

So, I started creating one… and How to Start a Membership Site in Just 24 Hours is where it all ended. With this easy to read, step-by-step manual you’ll find:

  • The best membership software and scripts you can use to build your membership site hassle-free!
  • How to strategically choose your membership site topic for maximum profit potential!
  • How to develop your own, unique product – so you can stop selling everybody else’s products and have throngs of affiliates clamoring for a chance to sell yours
  • The precise attitude you’ll need to make sure your membership site succeed.
  • How to find your “hook” – the way you’ll describe your membership site that will set you far apart and far above your competition.
  • How to start with nothing – no concept, no content, and almost no money – and end up with a running membership site in a weekend
  • How to create HIGH quality, engaging, ORIGINAL content for your membership site in an easy, systematic, repeatable way.
  • How to setup a studio for creating any kind of content – from text manuals and presentations to audio and video recordings using totally free software
  • **BONUS**: 10 NoBS Business Reasons Why You Should Start a Membership Site – TODAY!

Marry the step-by-step guidance of How to Start a Membership Site in 24 Hours with the amazing (and amazingly inexpensive) Micro-Membership WordPress Plugin and you’ll have the closest thing to a Membership Site in a Box you can get!

Plus, you’ll have everything you need to get a money-making membership site up and running before the week is out!

How Much for this
Dynamic Duo?
Still… just $47

Buy Micro-Membership for $47
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How to Start a Membership Site in 24 Hours!

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I offered a pre-release version of Micro-Memberships to members of the Warrior Forum – a well known forum for internet marketers. Here’s a random sampling of unsolicited responses..


Bought it. I am sure you realize the true value of this product. Seriously, you should promote it! There is no plugins like this at this cost!

Awesome product ….

oblivion: Warrior Forum Member

Thank you Ralph.

The CB functionality is a welcome addition! I’ve been waiting for this day… To be able to upgrade and finally get a product out the door!!

Dave G.: Warrior Forum Member

As soon as you told me that you’d made the drip feed segment a separate plug-in… I ordered. Great investment.

Paul Myers

Just wanted to stop by and say that this is a fabulous deal – don’t hesitate! This is an excellent plugin and I look forward to getting a lot of use out of this one – especially with the latest features!

Melody Wigdahl

I was in complete disbelief when I saw your plugin for that price. I’ve set up at least 5 different types of membership sites this past year to test other models, and none of them really satisfied me.

Yours is the only one that covered all the options I wanted and the price was better than any of the rest.

It just plain works with easy set up and a great price. Hands down, this gets my vote for #1 membership solution for 2009.

… I am very giddy over this today. I’m supposed to be working on some other stuff (such a bad girl).

Jill Carpenter

Do yourself a favor and click the order button below, secure your copy today, read it tonight, and put the tricks to work as early as tomorrow.

YES! Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed!

Use it for 30 days. If you aren’t thrilled with the results, and don’t feel it’s worth many times what you paid, I’ll refund 100% of your money for any reason, no questions asked.

How’s that?

Order now risk-free to see for yourself how creating and running a membership will help your online business… Click the “Order Now” button below to get started now:

Start a Membership Site in 24 Hours
Micro Membership Script

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To Your Unlimited
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Eubie Art Media

P.S. If you’re thinking about a WordPress Membership site, this is an offer you can’t pass up.
Not only will you save yourself hundreds of hours of wasted time when you invest in Micro-Membership, but you will also ensure that your membership site ends up on the right path and that you never line yourself up for a catastrophe.

P.P.S. Still have questions?.
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P.P.P.S. C’mon! Stop reading this and grab your copy – right NOW.
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