Micro-Membership Live!

You can explore Micro-Membership and try out most of the back-end features on our demo site:  Micro-Membership Demo

The site has 4 users:

  • FreebieUser – Registered but chose not to pay.
  • PaidUser – Paid for a subscription
  • PremiumUser – Paid more for an even fancier subscription
  • demoadmin – A user that has additional access rights so you can see the way Micro-Membership is configured

The password for all four users is “demo”. (PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE THE PASSWORD!)

Feel free to test out all four users.  You may also want to register as a new user to see how that process works first hand.  When you register, you will need to provide a valid email address for WordPress’ confirmation procedure.  You can feel confident, however, that the email address your provide is used for the demonstration purposes only and

  1. cannot be viewed by other demo users
  2. is not saved or used by Eubie Art Media

You shouldn’t be able to break anything in the demo but, just in case you really screw things up – not to worry.  The demo is refreshed at once a day at midnight PDT.