September 2021

Micro-Membership Upgrade

FINALLY! It’s here.

Micro-Membership has been updated with some nifty new usability features – many suggested by you folks.  Here’s a list of the goodies:

1. Login message link text

  • elipses are the default but can be removed
  • choose to link to either Login or Register page

2. Upgrade message

  • elipses are the default but can be removed
  • automatically links to an “upgrade” page ([pay] by default)

3. View Protected Posts List

  • list of users (admin by default) who can view protected posts

4. Trial Subscriptions are only offered to NEW subscribers

  • protects you from “serial trial” subscribers

5. Four (4) plugins reduced to  two (2)

  • Editor Button integrated into Micro-Membership
  • Utopia Cron scheduling is integrated into Micro-Membership Gradual Content

6. Fixed Term subscriptions – great for Micro-Continuity sites

7. New Configuration Page Layout

8. Courses displayed in Alphabetical Order

9. Page Category Support

  • This feature was added primarily to support the Simple:Press forum.  Simple:Press is a forum plugin that is probably the most feature-rich forum that fully integrates with WordPress.  This obviously (or maybe not so obviously) means you can now integrate a protected forum into your membership site

10. Pay first… then register

  • You guys know I don’t like it, but a lot of you folks do… so it’s in there!

So, Why Did It Take Soooooooo Long?

Most of these changes were completed months ago but, due to the way some people conduct themselves with other people’s software and intellectual property, I had to add a licensing component to Micro-Membership.

I’ve tried to make the licensing as seamless and as easy to use as possible while still protecting the rights you all purchased – the abiity to install my software on as many domains as you own.

But, it should slow down anyone who would distribute Micro-Membership in ways that flaunt licensing laws and undercut my ability to offer this product at a reasonable (at least I think it’s reasonable) price.

What this means is that I can afford to continue to deliver support and to add further enhancements to the product (like the ones above) without any cost to you.

It also means that upgrades and updates will flow easier because I won’t have to send them out.  You’ll be able to download the latest software from my support site.  (I won’t have to worry about who accesses the software ’cause it won’t be any good without a license key!)

If you’d like, you can view the new “look and feel” of the upgrade on the Micro-Membership Demo site [Click Here].

Upgrade Scheduling

Because this new licensing method was somewhat complex to develop (that’s what took nearly 3 months), I’m doing a phased distribution of the upgrades – starting with Developer licensees since they are much fewer in number than Standard product licensees. Also, the licensing process for Developer licenses is more complex – consequently, if all goes well with the Developer licenses, I’ll be assured that the Standard licensing process will be fine as well.

Developer licensees should be receiving upgrade instructions and link over the next week or so. Assuming all goes well standard licensees will be receiving their notifications shortly thereafter.

As always, I sincerely thank you for your patience and your continued support and patronage.


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