#10 – Membership Sites Are Not Magic

What a membership site will do for you, however, is provide you with a business model that has been used successfully and profitably in offline, “brick and mortar” businesses for hundreds of [...]

#7- You Can Use Web 2.0 to Build Relationships

With today’s technology and Web 2.0 strategies, that relationship model can first be expanded with back-and-forth, two-way communications. Then, the entire process can be rocketed to a new level – exploding the relationship paradigm by turning one-way and two-way relationships into vibrant, complex, multi-lateral communities – communities that will be even more valuable and more profitable to your internet [...]

#5 - It's a Powerful Marketing Platform

Well, here’s something you should consider… when you start a membership website, it doesn’t really matter what your plan is for generating revenue. Regardless of the method or methods you choose, a membership web site is the ideal platform from which to launch all your marketing [...]

#4 - A Membership Site Adds Value to Products

How can you compete with that? Well, how about this… once you start a membership site, you’ll have your own captive audience that you can market to. Your members will already be familiar with you and the excellent service you’ve provided month after [...]

#3 - Membership Sites Are Simple to Set Up

Micro-continuity is a fancy way of saying you’re delivering a course over the internet. And, just like a course you might take at your local community college, there’s a fixed period of time for the training – like maybe 12 or 13 weeks, or 5 months, or whatever time period you need to deliver the content to your [...]

#1 – Internet Millionaires Love Membership Sites

Now, I realize that just because someone has made a lot of money doesn’t mean they’re always right. But as the saying goes, “although past performance can’t predict future performance – it’s the best indicator we’ve got.” Besides, it’s not like these guys are embracing crazy schemes or questionable business practices – they’re just looking at all of the membership site benefits that are covered in Reasons [...]