Man!  I just LOVE WordPress!

When I looked for software for my membership site I decided to use WordPress. I’ve been spoiled by this product for years now. In a sentence, WordPress is the simplest, best supported, SEO friendliest, most extensible, standards compliant CMS available on the planet. It’s “software for the rest of us” – cheap (it’s actually FREE, but we donate, right?), easy to use, and it’s good.

I also used a WordPress theme and a number of WordPress plugins to augment my site… ALL cheap (FREE + donation), easy to use, and good.

Then I looked for a plugin that would let me send my subscribers to my PayPal account to pay for subscriptions. And, what did I find? Easy to use, good… but not cheap!

After some more scouting around I found a really nice, freebie membership plugin. The price was just right (FREE), it was easy to use, and it was pretty good – for what it did. Unfortunately, it didn’t do everything I needed.

Here’s what that FREE plugin did do:

  • Subscription payments – it forced users to pay for a subscription as soon as they register
  • Hide content – the plugin worked so that I could hide specific content from un-registered users

Both of which I really wanted but, for my membership site, I needed a quite a bit more.

So, I wrote my own code to do what I wanted. After weeks of modifications and add-ons, I ended up with the software and site you see here.

I hope you enjoy the site and find it informative and profitable.